Episode #3 Brain Health & Broad-Spectrum Micronutrients with Bonnie Kaplan, Ph.D.

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What happens when your body isn't absorbing the nutrients it needs from your daily food intake? What about long-term depletion?

Access to a diverse variety of food products has never been easier for many households. With so much variety at our fingertips how is it possible that we are lower in necessary vitamins and minerals and missing nutrient-dense foods in our diet?

Today we talk with researcher, Bonnie Kaplan, Ph.D. about what she calls "nutrition above the neck" or brain health. Bonnie has been at the forefront of nutritional research for decades. Her studies have focused on brain development, ADHD, and behavioral disorders in adolescences. She shares what years of research is telling us about the impact of broad-spectrum nutrients on brain health.

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Andrew Weil, MD and Victoria Maizes, MD


Bonnie Kaplan , PhD

Bonnie J Kaplan, PhD, is Professor Emerita in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. She has published widely on the biological basis of developmental disorders and mental health ? particularly, the contribution of nutrition to mental health. Her efforts to include nutrition knowledge in the care of people with mental health challenges has earned her a variety of awards, including the Dr. Rogers Prize in September 2019; selection in 2017 as one of 150 Canadian Difference Makers in Mental Health, in honour of Canada?s 150th birthday. In 2021 she was chosen as one of the top ?7 Over 70? in Calgary, partly for her book The Better Brain, written with Professor Julia Rucklidge and published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (now Harper Collins), as well as her two charitable funds supporting research by junior colleagues who study nutrition and mental health (over $1 million CAD). Her primary goal is to influence the way mental health treatment is delivered.

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