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Sue has been weaving various experiences in nursing, healing, and her personal life together for over 35 years. An interest in wellness led her to Canyon Ranch Health and Fitness Resort in Tucson, Arizona. While working as an RN, she became certified in Healing Touch and in Holistic Nursing, which she combined in creating the Healing Touch service as a full time practice at the Ranch. Stepping into her passion, she has expanded to include lectures and workshops on Healing Touch and holistic nursing, relating it to a variety of topics she presents at the Ranch, and at local and national conferences.

Through her journey working with adult populations, Sue has developed an ability to create healing presence and safe space, to interact with her clients on multiple levels, focusing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues, and to facilitate wellness, while acknowledging that all healing is self-healing.

She has been a member of the Healing Touch International, Inc. Board of Directors, and a Past President, has been involved in the community serving as a mentor, instructor and networker in Healing Touch and Holistic Nursing and has co-authored an NIH grant with a former PIM Fellow, using HT with premature infants. In 2004, she taught Healing Touch in several marginalized communities in Ecuador. Sue continues her education by attending classes and workshops on energy healing and indigenous ways, including a trip to Peru. Sue is Co-Author of Healing Touch Enhancing Life Through Energy Therapy - Wardell - Kagel - Anselme.  She keeps life in balance by living what she teaches, maintaining work/life balance and enjoys various ethnic and world cultural performances.

She has retired from her day job at Canyon Ranch and continues to teach, now creating Virtual Courses of Study in Healing Touch.