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Tamara Steinitz, RD MS

IHeLp 2014 Summer
IH Coaching 2017
I'm currently the director of the Didactic Program in Dietetics at Utah State University. As a Professional Practice Professor, I teach Education and Counseling Methods courses and also the capstone Advanced Practicum courses in which students complete supervised practice and service learning in campus/community efforts. A colleague and I lead a Study Abroad course to Crete each summer, focusing our studies on the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. 

The IHeLp and Coaching programs have been extremely valuable to me both personally and professionally. The way we eat affects many facets of life, and life affects the way we eat. The more ways we can honor the complexity of adopting new self-care habits, the more likely we can truly help patients and clients make those changes. I have enjoyed incorporating these concepts and practices into my courses and philosophies.