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Marsha Handel, MLS

Ms. Handel has been a medical librarian at Beth Israel Medical Center for over twenty years, with a specialty in Integrative Medicine. She is co-author of the award winning book Alternative Medicine Resource Guide and has published articles, book chapters and taught professional-level classes on search techniques and resources in the field of integrative healthcare.

As the Director of Informatics and Online Education at the Center for Health for Healing, Ms. Handel developed the Center's educational web at, and in 2006 received a 2-1/2-year NIH grant to develop a multimedia patient education website on the Integrative Approach to Chronic Diseases: Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Chronic Pain. She has developed and collaborated on many other health web sites, including the Addiction Recovery Guide, Healing Chronic Pain, Healing Digestive Disorders, Preparing for Surgery, and Integrative Approaches to IBS.